亚洲先行·全球视野 | 东鹏陶瓷123届广交会即将盛大开幕

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Asia Alliance, World Vision

In The Vanguard of Reshaping The Industry

Dongpeng Forges Ahead With A market-oriented Strategy.

亚洲先行 全球视野



The results speak for the industry leading brand


①In 122nd Canton Fair, 2017, overseas buyers up to 192 thousand, involving 33 countries and regions as well as more than 620 enterprises, among which Asia accounted for 60%

②The accumulative export turnover as high as 30.16 billion USD and the brand exhibitors accounted for 35.8%, increased by 13.6%

③Participants from the countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" contributed a share of 31.1% and a 13.6% growth (9.37 billion USD)

④45 industrial and commercial establishments along the "Belt and Road" have signed cooperation agreements with Canton Fair organization to promote the trade.

To mark a further step into Asia

With a world-class distribution network



No matter in branding, products or channels, Dongpeng is dedicated to be a step ahead in this era of branding ubiquity. With 46 years' development, Dongpeng has evolved from a manufacturer to a fashion trendsetter and was awarded the Top 500 Most Influential Brands in Asia. Today, taking advantages of "Belt and Road" initiative and the important roles that South-east Asia markets are playing on the world stage, Dongpeng is integrated into the world closer than ever before, forging ahead as an industry giant in the building materials industry with outstanding achievements in strategic projects and brand building.


In the process of economic globalization, a strong radiation power has formed in Southeast Asia countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. Their rising consumption level and the world’s leading position in design and strategic projects have promoted them into a more important role in the development of internationalization, favored by designers and architects. And that well explains why Dongpeng sets “Asia alliance, world vision” as the theme of the year, and that well accounted for the market-oriented strategy Dongpeng always upholds.


“One brand” strategy

Delivers unlimited business opportunities



Creating a consistent brand that resonates with the targeted consumers has become more important than ever. From the time of establishment, we sell products and promote brand only under name of Dongpeng. Targeted at South-east Asia markets, Dongpeng considers the markets along the "Belt and Road" countries and regions a vital part of its globalization strategy, aiming to explore a more competitive and strategic sales network and service structure by following the guidelines of the "One Brand" Strategy. Dongpeng truly believes that only by the “One Brand” strategy can we develop the high-quality products and provide the long-term customer service in pursuit of customer satisfaction and greater brand recognition, further fulfilling the ambition of being the No.1 in Asia by 2020.


To Create a New Experience of Quality Life in our Booth

With “1+1>2”Strategy

追求卓越 打造实力


As we known, the product strength builds up the image we have of ourselves and represent the value we believe. With years of innovation and dedication, Dongpeng has taken a leading position in both product technology and strategic projects, triggering people yearn for the exquisite quality of life.


HALL 9.2

Stand E35 -38 F09-12

Time: 15th-19thApril

Venue: Pazhou International Expo Center

In pursuit of creating a better living environment, Dongpeng brings a fresh injection of energy into the market and industry by unveiling the new products in the 123rd Canton Fair. The new arrivals, which highlight Caliza, Makore and Beton, will be officially unveiled together with the classic Marble+ series and the dry-fixing display. In our booth,

from design to choices of products and materials, each element shows originality, fully matching space decoration function and aesthetics. The One-Stop Solution initiative and the products’user–friendly performances will definitely appeal to the people who aspire for life taste, ideal for luxury commercial spaces..

东鹏坚持以产品实力说话,不断地为广大客户带来更优质的产品与工程案例。本届广交会,东鹏正式推出2018年春季新品Caliza, Makore 和 Beton,同时东鹏的经典产品-原石系列与工程干挂展示亦将继续亮相。我们相信,“一站式方案”策略,以及产品兼具美学与实用功能的特点,一定会给客户带来全新的体验,为现代人们打造更好的人居环境,成就更高的生活品味与工程实力。

Combined with the latest design ideas and stylish products, we invite you to our “DP gallery” to enjoy a fantastic world of imagination and originality, experiencing the unprecedented and the newest.

Looking forward to seeing you at 123rd Canton Fair.


Coming soon

One More Surprise Worthy of Expectation


Dongpeng’s Annual Conference of 2018 in Bangkok (April 29th – May 1st) and our DP gallery in Architect’18 , Bangkok, Thailand (May 1st - 6th) are right around the corner. How wonderful will it be when Dongpeng meets with Thailand. Stay tuned.



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